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WA Development Guideline Changes? How Does It Effect My Property?

Recent changes in the R-Codes (development guidelines for Western Australia) have had a significant impact on the value and potential of many Perth properties. Yours may be one of them! We can find out for you – get in touch with us for a FREE Property Assessment!

You’re Not Alone!

The changes, which took place on the 2nd of August 2014, could give you the opportunity to generate more rental income from both your investment properties and the home you live in.

The changes also mean you may now be able to subdivide your property, as well as increase the potential of your existing properties.

Questions To Ask

You need to consider the following questions to get clarity on your position:

  • Can I generate additional income from my investment property without subdividing?
  • Can I put a second home on my own property without subdividing?
  • How have the recent changes affected my property?
  • Does my property have subdivision or development potential?
  • What development options does my property have?
  • What is the best development option for me?
  • What does a subdivision or development cost?
  • How much money do I need to do a subdivision or development?
  • What will it cost to make this a reality?

We’ve got the answers.

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