A Complete Subdivision Project Management Service

Our Service includes complete Project Management of the following as applicable to your project.

Survey, survey design and preparation of WAPC application.
All applications, submissions and arrangements to the satisfaction of the WAPC and local authorities
The selection and engagement of all trades, contractors and companies required for the fulfilment of the subdivision conditions, including for the existing dwelling, if applicable.
Liaise and inform tenant of work schedule and minimise impact as much as possible during the development process.
What is not included:

A Typical Subdivision Timeline

Service Agreement

May 20, 2013

Service agreement signed with Kickstart Property Solutions.

Survey and Plan Completed

June 4, 2013

Survey and proposed strata plan completed.

WAPC Application / Quote

June 18, 2013

WAPC Application submitted. Site works quote requests commenced.

WAPC Conditional Approval

July 15, 2013

WAPC Conditional Approval received.

Preparation for Clearances

December 20, 2013

Final survey and re-pegging of boundaries. Drafting of survey plan for submissions for clearances and lodgement. Payment of Water Corp headworks fees. Payment of Council development contributions.

Clearances and Titles

January 6, 2014

To be requested from 6/1/2014 Estimated completion date 17/2/2014

Example Time for Completion to Titles:

8 months

Example Budget (including project management fees):

$ 44, 552.17

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