A Complete Design & Construction Management Service

A successful development has many different aspects to get right. Constructing the right dwelling on your project all starts with getting the right design in the first place. Each block and suburb is different and there are many factors to consider before spending hundreds of thousands with a builder.

Kickstart Property Solutions offer complete Design and Construction Management that ensures you get the right builder for your project at the right price!

Real Building Price = Contract Price + (Build Time x Quality x Service)

We have been working with our Architect for over 3 years to develop a high quality of house design within the investment market. Good design will have a positive impact on every aspect of your returns from a project. It is reasonable to suggest that a well-designed home will give your project the best chance of getting top rent and top market value.

Our Architectural Design service starts from as little as $2950 incl GST. This will provide you with architecturally designed plans individually designed for your project to ensure you get the best possible outcome from your project.

We will manage the entire process from start to finish: Development approvals, tendering and construction.

Development & Design
  1. Discussions and input with client for project brief to achieve best possible project outcome taking into account rental and equity return.
  2. Architect to complete initial concept sketches and floor plans
  3. Client feedback with one set of changes
  4. Architect to complete 4 elevations. (north, south, east, west)
  5. Client feedback with one set of changes
  6. Architect to complete full DA set including site plan
Development application - submission (if constructing).
  1. All applications, forms and submissions required for the Development Application.
  2. Consultation, meetings and negotiations with local authorities for the facilitating, as much as possible, a favourable outcome.
  3. Engagement of any specialist that may be required for approval eg. Engineers.
Project Management relating to the construction and completion of dwellings selected for the development.
  1. All liaisons with builders to track progress and the keeping of timelines.
  2. Ensure all works are completed as stated and planned.
  3. Negotiations of any issues that may arise.
  4. Trouble shooting and problem solving.
Our fee does NOT include...
  • Any plant or material.
  • Any fees to third parties, government or contractors.
  • Any variations arising from changes to the original scope of development.
  • Time spent seeking neighbour’s permissions or comment relating to the development.
  • Management or time spent dealing with trades recommended or engaged by the client.