Mick and Sheryl from Shoalwater

Upon meeting with KSPS, we were very impressed by what we were presented with. The team were pleasant to work with, providing a simplified approach that made the project easy for us. Communicating with us on a regular basis, we were assured that our project was important to them and that the finished product was the result of sustainable and quality building.

We appreciate the work that Kickstart Property Solutions did for us. We think they are a solid company to bring into any property development project. We will definitely get in touch if we decide to take on future projects.


Mick James, Sheryl Smith 55 Frederick Street, Shoalwater

Doreen from Spearwood

‘Subdividing can be a long, drawn out process with issues like dealing with the local council being amongst the hurdles one has to face. I wasn’t looking forward to that, but then I found Kickstart Property Solutions. When I met with Vince we had a good chat about the process. Vince was a good person to deal with; by the end of the chat I was convinced that him and his team were the ones I should deal with, and they delivered!

Their communication was great, they met deadlines set and have a great work ethic. They are a very good company to work with as they do care about their clients.

Doreen 23 Gurney Road, Spearwood

Barry from Spearwood

‘I was very much aware that subdividing can be a great way to make some money and improve my property’s value. I also knew my property was approved by local council for subdividing - I just didn’t know what was involved in the process or even how to get started!

Kickstart Property Solutions showed me what was required to successfully complete the project from start to finish. They also told me what I had to do – nothing! The team took the process on board with professionalism, were very easy to deal with, they simplified a process that otherwise appeared quite strung out and they communicated with me the whole time. I would, without a doubt contact Kickstart Property Solutions for future projects like these!


Barry 44 Leaside Way, Spearwood

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