Case Studies

Mick James & Sheryl Smith

Mick and Sheryl were in the market to subdivide their property. They wanted to construct two new dwellings on their parcel of land. Before starting with Kickstart Property Solutions they had actually commenced the development process with another Perth company. They soon found that the project timeframe and associated costs were blowing out and they become somewhat disillusioned with the given company.

Upon initial discussion with us, Mick and Sheryl found they had finally encountered a company who were genuine to their word, were trustworthy and transparent. We presented our new clients with a design build process that was straight forward in practice and easy to comprehend. This translated well for them during construction. They found that they didn’t have to assist in the process. We made the process that easy. As the project wrapped up we were keen to see what Mick and Sheryl thought of the project; how we managed it in comparison to their expectations. They stated they were happy with the whole process, including everything from the selection of products used to the timeframe, budget and end values.


Barry was working FIFO. He knew he didn’t want to do it forever and therefore realised he’d have to start considering how he would most feasibly replace that income stream with another source of sustainable cash flow before retiring from the resources industry. Property is one of the most reliable industries in this regard and so Barry, well aware of this, commenced his investigations. The only problem was that he didn’t know where to start. He already had a property to his name in a good area before he started his investigations so he was off to a cracking start. Barry contacted Kickstart Property Solutions in the hope that he’d be able to bring his grand vision to life, preferably while not having to be involved in the process at all. He had come to the right people.

Barry left literally every decision that had to be made to us because he knew we have the knowledge and experience to deliver. We got started immediately, following the same process that we know works every time. We dealt first hand with everything throughout the process from the budget to the timeframe and the design concepts – even the politics of liaising with unsavoury tenants. Given the nature of the block, it was a persistent challenge attempting to achieve the vision we had for the property while making sure the project was kept economical and timely in progression. It was all worth it in the end for both Barry and us! Barry was very happy with the end result and so were we. It was a true reflection of the hard work and effort we’d put into ensuring the end design was awesome.

Andrew Stephens

Being approached by a person that has done meticulous research of the property development industry is an interesting experience. Andrew is a very astute man. He came to us having communicated extensively with companies that are involved in every aspect of what he was setting out to do with his property – from design through to legal. You could say he knew a real value proposition when offered one. This is why he chose Kickstart Property Solutions over every other property development company in Perth. He had investigated every one of them.

Andrew came to us in the hope of devising a plan for a two stage development process. The first of the two stages involved a relatively straight forward subdivision of his pre-existing property. The idea, as with most projects of this nature, was to maximise the value of the property. This stage of the project was completed with very little issue and good outcome. The second stage was by far the more critical. In this case Andrew was highly motivated by cash flow. He asked us to develop a design and construct solution that would pertain to a high returns concept once complete. This presented a great challenge for us, as with any industry, high returns are never guaranteed despite the developer’s greatest intentions. The results do not necessarily come quickly and the project can encounter major hurdles. Despite such reasons for concern, Kickstart Property Solutions delivered. Andrew found himself very pleased with not only our work, but also the fact that the property did not fail to live up to requirements.

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